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Vision® Blinds

Vision® Blinds

Louvolite Vision® blind systems are simple and robust in design for easy installation and reliable operation. Vision® fabric features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric, that when adjusted can control how much light is filtered through the translucent strip. The front layer moves independently of the back allowing the stripes to glide between each other creating an open and closed effect and varying light control. Vision blinds offer the ability to have the blind down for privacy but retain a view or for full privacy close the blind fully so the opaque layers block out the translucent layers. Siena is the flame retardant, blackout range that can be used in commercial projects.

Made to measure, Vision® blinds are available as System 32® and 40® to suit the width and drop needed to the weight of the fabric. The Slide-Lock® control ends are anti-fray and can be adjusted on-site quickly and easily. The locking plug in the 40® Slide-Lock® ensures the blind remains safely in the brackets.

System 32® for blinds up to 2m wide with a max drop of 5m*. Available as white, blue or red pin for various holding weights.

System 40® for blinds up to 2.2m wide with a 9lb max holding weight.

Vision® blinds can be used with the Louvolite Perfect Fit® system.

All Louvolite Vision® systems are UK designed and manufactured using prime quality materials and 10 year life cycle tested to ensure top performance in a demanding environment.

*fabric dependant

Vision® Blind Operation

  • MANUAL CHAIN CONTROL: The most traditional option for operating a blind, the chain or cord provides reliable, smooth operation and ensures the blind can be rolled up or down easily to achieve the required level of shading. Blinds with chains or cords must always be secured with a child safety device as the chains or cords pose as potential strangulation and entanglement hazards.
  • CRANK HANDLE: Used with the System 40®, the crank handle is a 2 part control that consists of a strong, durable clutch which attaches to the system tube, and an aluminium wand that attaches and detaches from the clutch. Crank the end of the wand (available as either 1.2m or 2m) and rotate to raise or lower the blind. When not in use the wand can be stored away using a fixing ring or clip.
  • SOFT RISE SPRING RETURN: Used with the System 32® or System 40®, the soft rise spring return quietly raises the blind smoothly up to the pre-set upper stop upon release. Safe by design as there are no chains or cords.
  • EASI LIFT SPRING ASSISTED: Used with System 40®
  • MOTORISED: Louvolite One Touch® motorisation range provides a variety of innovative yet affordable solutions for commercial projects that is child safe, simple and easy to use. Economically maintained with its rechargeable battery, the Lithium 1100 series uses a sleek remote to control multiple blinds, separately or simultaneously. No need for mains wiring and is suitable for windows less than 2.2m wide. For more power and lift the Lithium 1800 series motor has quieter and smoother operation and upto 6kg weight capacity with a soft start and stop. The A/C motor, available as either the 1500 or 6000 series, has the ability to lift blinds up to 3m or 4m wide depending on the tube used.
  • APP/VOICE CONTROL: Using the Louvolite Hub pair your One Touch® window blinds to your smart device or automation to operate hands free with voice control or on a phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.
Vision® Blinds

Cassette and Fascias

Add a sleek cassette or fascia to house your Louvolite Vision® blind. Cassettes are specially designed and powder coated with top, direct or face fix brackets for fast and easy installation. The user has the choice between a single coloured extrusion in dedicated colours or the fascia offers the option of a fabric insert in the same or contrasting colour as the Vision® blind.

  • 40mm Open Cassette (pictured left)
  • 70mm Full Fascia Cassette
  • 32/40 Open Cassette
  • 32/40 Hybrid Closed Cassette
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