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Louvolite CoronaSafe™

Louvolite CoronaSafe™

It is essential to make areas where people gather as safe as possible and protect against the spread of coronavirus. Louvolite offers an additional layer of security with the introduction of Louvolite CoronaSafe™ treated Carnival and Carnival Blackout fabrics. 

The unique formula offers proven protection eliminating 99% of coronavirus from the fabric’s surface within an hour. An hour! A tremendous result when, according to the internationally recognised medical journal, The Lancet, cloth can retain the virus for up to 2 days.

Where extra protection is needed, in hospitality, offices, care homes, healthcare sectors, schools, nurseries and in the home, use Louvolite CoronaSafe™ window blinds in Carnival or Carnival Blackout fabric. Why would you use anything else?

Louvolite CoronaSafe™ is independently tested.

Currently, the strain related to the pandemic poses a significant threat to people handling it outside of high-level research laboratories – it is therefore not available commercially for use in public test laboratories. In this case and like other outbreaks, such as SARS and EBOLA, the testing industry use a suitable surrogate to represent the target strain that would have representative results of a product’s performance.

To test against coronavirus the independent testing laboratory uses feline coronavirus as a surrogate organism, as it poses no risk to staff and shares a strong family design to the outbreak strain with only small differences in RNA. It’s currently used in other EN methodologies and has been tested in ring trials, proving to provide reliable and repeatable results.

This allows the test teams to confirm that any result on feline coronavirus would be representative of the results achieved on the pandemic strain, if it was tested, and that they are repeatable by other laboratories.

Louvolite Coronasafe™, helping protect against coronavirus.



Louvolite offers an additional level of defence with Ultra-Fresh treated fabrics. This antimicrobial treatment offers proven protection from microbial attack by controlling the growth of unwanted microbes. When treated with Ultra-Fresh the fabric provides protection against the growth of odour causing bacteria, fungi, mildew and moulds. It also prevents stains that can be caused by bacteria and fungi resulting in fabric that is fresher and cleaner for longer.

Ultra-Fresh is recommended for use in the healthcare sector, care homes, catering facilities, schools and nurseries.
With a wide range of light filtering and blackout FR fabrics available for the commercial market, it makes sense to choose window blinds treated with Ultra-fresh where antimicrobial protection is of particular importance.

*Ultra-Fresh is a trademark of Thomson Research Associates, Canada



Louvolite SPC®, Solar Protective Coating, is applied to the reverse side of fabrics which reflects heat and light more effectively than conventional materials.

A benefit of the SPC® coating is it helps conserve energy in both winter and summer. SPC® retains heat in a room by reducing thermal loss through the window in winter and on summer days it reduces the heat build up through reflectance. A result can be reduced energy bills!

An additional benefit of the SPC® coating is its ability to decrease glare – ideal for offices, schools and commercial spaces using computers or projectors. The coated blinds can be raised, lowered or adjusted to reduce the glare while still obtaining a view of the outside.

Use SPC® coated blinds in offices, hotels, healthcare sectors, care homes, educational institutions, nurseries, restaurants, conservatories and orangeries.

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