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Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds

The Lite-glide panel blind system is a contemporary solution to control light, glare, view and privacy. Fabric panels connect to a sleek track which are available as 3, 4 or 5 track channels to suit the width needed and using manual operation, with cord or wand control, the panel blinds can be split draw or side draw depending on where the user needs the open panel stack to rest. The panels stack neatly behind one another when open, and create a unique screen aesthetic when closed. Panel blinds are suitable for larger areas of glass such as floor to ceiling glazed areas, bifold doors and patio doors or even as room dividers.

Split draw allows for 4 panels per a 3 track channel,  6 panels per a 4 track channel and 8 panels per a 5 track channel.

One way ‘side’ draw allows for 3 panels per a 3 track channel,  4 panels per a 4 track channel and 5 panels per a 5 track channel.

Tracks come in 5m lengths and can be lengthened more with the addition of a joining plate.

All Louvolite panel blind systems are UK designed and manufactured using prime quality materials and 10 year life cycle tested to ensure top performance in a demanding environment.

Panel Blind Operation

  • MANUAL CORD CONTROL: A traditional option, cord provides reliable, smooth operation and ensures the blind can be moved side to side easily to achieve the required level of shading. Blinds with or cords must always be secured with a child safety device as the chains or cords pose as potential strangulation and entanglement hazards.
  • MANUAL WAND CONTROL: Sitting neatly at the edge of the blind the wand can be pulled side to side to fully open or close the blind.
Panel Blinds

Track Channels

Available in 5m lengths or add a joining plate to lengthen.

  • 3 Track Channel
  • 4 Track Channel (pictured left)
  • 5 Track Channel
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